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My Life...

Another thing to do.

23 January
Updated... 9/9/08

-I am a mother
-I am single for now, well, sort of taken...
-Mira is my oldest daughter, she is six and a half
-Logan is my only son, he is five
-Zoe is my youngest daughter, she is five
-Yes, Logan and Zoe are twins
-I have some goals in life
-I am looking for a meaningful job
-I spoil my children with love, not money
-I am the oldest of five sisters, three brothers
-Ashley is my half sister (same mom)
-Courtney is the older step sister
-Stacy is the younger step sister
-David is the oldest step brother
-Brandon is the youngest step brother
-I have other siblings, from my biological dad whom I met when my oldest daughter was 6 months
-My half brother is 23 or 24 (bio dad) his name is Andrew
-My little half sister is 4 (bio dad) her name is Emma
-Never met Emma, yet

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